Saving box of wood and paper

This saving box is covered with thin paper and you can poke to tear the paper to take out money. New paper can be stick and use the saving box again and again. *Save about 150,000 yen with 500 yen coins *One piece of paper for pasting inclusive

Designed by Takuma Kawamoto & Eri Karasawa

¥1,800 ( tax inc.¥1,980 )


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Material / Akamatsu laminated wood, paper (for reapplication 1 piece)
Type / Natural, White, Pink, Navy, Red, Yellow
Size / Approx W100 × D70 × H100 mm
Part No. / EQI – 001, 002
Product weight / Approx 122g
Package included weight / Approximately 125g
Manufacturing facility / Social welfare corporation KIBO http://www.kibo.or.jp