Privacy policy

1. Definition of personal information

"Personal information" is information on living individuals and includes information that can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth or other description included in the information, and information It can be easily collated, which means that you can identify a specific individual.

2. Collection of personal information

At this shop, we may collect your personal information when you purchase items and make an inquiry.
Before collecting it, it depends on legal and fair means clearly describing purpose of use.

Personal information collected at this shop is as follows.
We will also share your personal information with our operating company Accenture PLC.

a) Your name, phonetic
b) Address
c) Telephone number
d) E-mail address
e) Password
f) Shipping address information
g) Deal history with this shop and its contents
h) Information that a specific individual can identify by combining the above

3. Using personal information

In this shop, the purpose of using the personal information deposited from the customer is as follows.
A) For confirmation and inquiries at the time of procedures necessary for our product sales purpose? (At the time of ordering, at the time of shipping, at the time of request etc)

B) For confirmation, investigation, or reply concerning inquiries on products sold by the Company
C) Announcement of information that seems to be useful to customers such as new service, new product, function improvement etc.? Sending advertisement, publicity, direct mail, introduction by phone, etc.?
D) Shipping of goods, prizes, gifts, etc for requesting cooperation to questionnaire conducted by our company
E) Based on the personal information that you registered, to summarize as statistical information to the extent that it can not be specified as an individual and make it a reference material for useful service development to customers
F) Offering each service provided by the Company and related services and managing our service users

G) In addition to that, for the purpose of use which announces the purpose of use upon offering each service and gave consent

4. Safety management of personal information

Safety management of personal information you keep from customers takes rational, organizational, physical, human, technical measures by service providers, and at this shop we handle appropriate treatment according to relevant laws and regulations We will endeavor to prevent danger such as unauthorized intrusion of personal data, loss of personal information, tampering, leakage etc.

5. Correction and deletion of personal information

Please inform us of the correction / deletion of the personal information you received from the customer from the following inquiries.
Also, if you register as a user, you can correct personal information from this site's menu "My Account".

6. About using cookie

We may use cookies to provide better services to our customers, but this does not enable us to gather information that can identify individuals, but to infringe your privacy I will not.
Also, if you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change them with browser settings.
*cookie (cookie) is information that is transmitted from the server computer to your browser and accumulated on the hard disk of the computer you are using.

7. About using SSL

When entering personal information, to secure security, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent these information from being intercepted, disturbed or falsified.
*SSL is a function to prevent eavesdropping and prevent data tampering by encrypting information. By using SSL, it becomes possible to send information more safely.

8. Contact Information

Please see the notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

9. Change of privacy policy

In this shop, when we change personal information to be collected, change the purpose of use, or change other privacy policy, we will make it public by changing this page.