"equalto" is a brand originated from social contribution activities.

Manufacturing involves a number of positively motivated and highly capable people, given an equal opportunity to achieve excellence in their fields of expertise despite differences in gender, nationality, or physical attributes. Unfortunately, however, working environments are not always suitable and supportive for everyone with different needs.

In particular, those with physical disabilities in Japan, despite continuous employment support from the government, are not getting the right treatment they deserve even though they are fully devoted to creating products with the finest quality. Their average monthly wage is only 14,000 yen*1, which is far less than the amount needed for them to be financially independent.

There are about 7.4 million people with physical disabilities in Japan, yet the employment opportunities available for them are scarce and of poor quality. To support improved working conditions for the handicapped, Accenture launched a design competition "equalto award,"*2 collaborating with an NPO in 2012 in order to encourage the handicapped to become an active part of the community while staying independent.

Based on the premise that manufacturing requires a solid foundation for continuous employment support, the equalto award seeks simple designs that can bring additional values to consumers while realizing barrier-free working environments for manufacturers. The award-winning products are released for sale as the first series of each equalto brand.

equalto was born to realize a society where everyone, including people with physical disabilities, can work lively and stay financially independent with their individual characters being valued as unique strengths.

Sophisticated handicrafts as an embodiment of creativity and ingenuity with continuous employment support ensured will definitely create a new form of manufacturing.

*1 2012 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Survey, Work support continuation support type B business office
*2 The name of the award in 2013 was originally "ART CRAFT DESIGN AWARD."